Simplicity, Flexibility, & Service Make The Difference.

At Guardian, building strong relationships with our clients is our goal. Premium financing should never be a burden, so our flexibility and customized service makes the process quick, simple, and straightforward. 

Unlike other premium finance companies, we really are service focused and client oriented.  We’ll work with you to provide the best premium finance solution for your needs.

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How it Works.

In a nutshell, premium financing is simply a short-term loan to pay for an insurance policy. The insured typically pays a down payment and then makes the remaining monthly installments, including the finance charge, over several months, freeing up cash and eliminating the need to pay for insurance policies in full at the time of binding.

Arranging Premium Financing

The premium finance quote is typically done alongside the insurance quote, and the premium finance agreement is signed and the down payment remitted to the insurance agent.

Account Setup

Once the account has been processed, notification is sent to the policyholder, insurance agent, and insurance carrier notifying them that the policy has been financed with Guardian.


Monthly Installments

The insured can make their monthly installment payment to Guardian via check or money order, or online or over the phone via single ACH, recurring ACH, or credit card.

Account Access

Insureds with online account access can view their premium finance account online anytime to retrieve notices and make online payments.

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